In the past seven years, we’ve seen many com­pa­nies join us in the energy stor­age space, esca­lat­ing the race for bat­tery instal­la­tions to megawatt-hour mad­ness. It doesn’t seem sustainable–and that’s impor­tant to us. That’s why we make it our busi­ness not to sell you as much bat­tery stor­age as we can, but rather to help you save as much money as you can by improv­ing your power effi­ciency.

One solution that serves both sides of the meter

We’re in the busi­ness of align­ing inter­ests with and between our cus­tomers — so we all ben­e­fit.

Busi­ness & Gov­ern­ment

You’re doing all you can to improve energy effi­ciency, yet your util­ity bills keep ris­ing. Could energy stor­age be a prac­ti­cal solu­tion?

Util­i­ties & Net­work Oper­a­tors

Dis­trib­uted energy stor­age is one way to reduce the costs of meet­ing vari­able demand. How can you reduce the risk of explor­ing your options?

Working with an experienced organization like Green Charge made the installation of energy storage a smooth and seamless process. The newest addition to our environmental efforts … will have a big impact on helping the environment.

John Leopold, Super­vi­sor,
Santa Cruz County

Watch us do the heavy lifting

Indoors, outdoors, in basements, and on back lots, GridSynergy Storage is cropping up in all kinds of places.

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